Chimney Sweep Services Offered

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Chimney Sweep Services

When should you have a chimney swept?

- Your chimney should be swept at least once per year to keep your chimney working safely and efficiently, you will be advised on recommended frequency.  Guild sweeps are highly trained to help and advise with any chimney, fire or appliance enquiries you may have.

- After your chimney is swept you will be provided with an insurance compliant certificate which is valid for one year until your next sweep is  due.  The certificate will show any problems found, whether there are any maintenance issues and the frequency of sweeping needed.  It is advisable to check with your home insurance provider to ensure you are fully covered in the event of a fire if you do not carry out chimney sweeping on a regular basis.

- You will be given advice to help you burn the best and most cost effective fuel, not only keeping you and your family safe, but helping you to save money too.  

- Residential and Commercial chimney sweeps covered.

What can I expect during a chimney sweep?

- The area around your fireplace will be thoroughly covered during your sweep to keep your home clean.

- Chimneys, flues and stacks are cleaned using brush and vacuum methods, depending on what is most appropriate for your chimney.

- Bird nests will be removed.

- Visual inspection of accessible areas of the appliance, stack and termination pot will be carried out.

- A smoke test will be carried out after every sweep to ensure the flue is clear.

- A Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps insurance compliant certificate will be issued to you on completion of your inspection and/or sweep.

- Advice will be given to you on the best type of fuel to use.Additional Services offered.

- CCTV inspection of you chimney stack or liner can be carried out with a copy of the inspection supplied to you on a memory stick (should you so wish).

- Chimney pots and appropriate cowls can be supplied and fitted.

- Full solid fuel installations carried out to re-line chimneys.   Fully HETAS Registered Installer.

- Kiln dried logs, kindling and none chemical fire lighters can be supplied. 

- Carbon monoxide and smoke alarms supplied and fitted.

- Chimney sweep and service prices are relevant to the quality of service and commitment given to each customer.    

- Call now for a further information or to book a consultation on 07730 796201