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Survey And Sweep as a company and myself, Darren Jones are registered with HETAS, (the governing body for solid fuel), as competent to install complete fuel systems, re-line existing chimney flues, erect Twin Wall flue systems either internally or externally to the property, undergo repairs and servicing to both the flue system and of the appliance or stove.


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Villager on Twin Wall System                                    
Twin Wall Through Bedroom.                                      Twin Wall Register Plate. 

The Twin Wall system was upgraded, repaired and completed to current regulations. This included a stainless steel register plate, with access to inspect the concealed twin wall joints. A permanent air vent because the stove has an output of 14Kw. A fire break through the floor and a Carbon Monoxide alarm was installed. The system was swept to Industry Standards, smoke tested and certified. A certificate from `The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps`, and from `HETAS` were issued.

PZ removal of fire place           PZ fireplace boarded and hearth cast            PZ Hearth tiled              PZ Ecoburn Plus 4 installed
The original Victorian fireplace was removed to install the stove. Access was needed above to connect a sump adaptor onto the original `Thermacrete` liner.The hearth was cast in concrete.  Vermiculite board was used to square off and make the opening presentable, this was finished in heat resistant paint. The hearth was tiled and grouted. The owner had plans to tile the fireplace jams and header and also finish around the hearth with a surround. The stove, an `Ecoburn` Plus 4, from`Aarrow`, was installed and in the last picture you can see the flue being warmed before a smoke test was performed. All tests passed, Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted and certificates issued. 
Clearveiw at Sennon             Clearveiw wall plate at Sennon                  Sennon scaffold tower   

 The flue insulation material continually entered into the stove from the corroded flue liner. The stove was removed and a hole was opened up in the wall around the original flue pipe. The old and very corroded flue pipe was removed. The flue was swept to Industry Standards and a new stainless steel 316 grade flue liner installed using all the correct fittings to terminate correctly at the chimney pot and at the connecting flue pipe. ( The last picture shows the company scaffold tower in place and the new liner ready to be cut to length and terminated at the chimney pot ). A swept bend and flue pipe reconnected the stove. The plate on the wall allows for a gap around the flue pipe and the sealing collar completes the installation. The owners later re-painted the wall and the wall plate which blended in nicely. Due to the property location, an anti down draught cowl was fitted to the chimney pot. A Carbon Monoxide alarm was installed and the system was smoke tested and certified.



    St.Ives install 4       St.Ives install 1              St.Ives Install 2                         St.Ives Install 3                                     St.Ives install 5 roof                           

 An original `Victorian` fireplace with an open fire. During sweeping it was obvious that there was major integrity problems with the chimney flue. The owners decided to change to a stove once it was explained that the flue needed re-lining. The `Chair Brick` and all of the back fill was removed from the fireplace. The new liner was install, terminated at the chimney pot with a pot hanger and cowl and a closure plate installed. The sides of the fireplace was boarded out, the back clean up and the rear hearth was concreted. Once the slate hearth was installed I painted up the fireplace, installed the stove,( A Salamander Hobbitt SE), tested, commissioned,  installed a carbon monoxide alarm and certified the system. The last photo shows the views over St.Ives from the roof. Great place for dinner.