The Effects of Carbon Monoxide

Step by Step Effects of Carbon Monoxide

  1. Light headed
  2. Giddy and feeling sick
  3. Vomitting
  4. Collapsing
  5. Rendered Unconscious
  6. Leading to Death!

If asleep, the symptoms will go directly to being unconscious and eventually death!

If any of the above initial symptoms are detected, the property should immediately be evacuated and the fire department called from outside of the property. Leave all doors and windows open to air the property.

Any rooms within a property that contains an appliance that produces heat via burning, should be fitted with a Carbon Monoxide alarm.  A fire or appliance that uses solid fuel to produce heat, is more likely to produce CO(carbon monoxide) gasses. The alarm should be placed fairly high up the wall or on the ceiling near the appliance or fire. The alarm is the early warning system that could save lives.

Your Guild Sweep will be able to advise, supply and install an alarm for you if required.  Call now on 07730-796201.