Chimney Pots and Cowls

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 A Little About Chimney Pots and Cowls...

Chimneys, (stacks), can be damaged by age, weathering or a chimney fire. The presence of soot, which is highly corrosive, will also damage the chimney. This damage will of course be internal, so without the use of a CCTV inspection to prove damage, the best prevention is to have the chimney, liner and flue swept on a regular basis.

Damage to the chimney stack and flue can affect the performance of a chimney and reduce its ability to remove harmful gasses (see the effects of Carbon Monoxide) . The risks of damage can be lowered by regular visual inspections and immediate responses to maintenance issues. A Guild trained Sweep will gladly inspect and advise on chimney servicing issues and also on the sweeping frequency required dependent on the fuel burnt.

In the event of a chimney fire, The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps recommend that a CCTV inspection and a chimney integrity test is carried out to prove the chimney is in a sound condition for use.  The chimney system should not be used until these tests have been completed.

The chimney stack, pot and cowl, (if applicable) are visually inspected by a Guild Sweep before any sweeping takes place. This can be performed using binoculars, or similar.  A damaged pot, or unstable cowl can cause extensive damage if either is dislodged during the sweeping process.  Either a damaged pot, cowl, or incorrectly fitted cowl have to be removed or replaced immediately.

Chimney Cowls

The cowl is a very important part of the chimney system.  If a cowl is wrong or fitted incorrectly then it may interfere with the passage of poisonous gasses. A professional Guild Sweep will be able to advise (and rectify) on the correct material, design and fit of the cowl to ensure maximum safety at all times.


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