Maintanance of Solid Fuel Fires.

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How to Burn Solid Fuels Efficiently

Paper should not be used for lighting a fire.  Chemicals and the print ink present can become sticky and settle in the chimney, flue and liner. Soot, dust and debris particles can stick and start to form restrictions.

  1. If burning wood, a bed of ash will always help. Wood relies on oxygen from above to produce an efficient burn, the ash prevents drafts from below. Coal on the other hand needs oxygen entering from underneath, so a clear and clean fire place is essential.
  2. Coal and wood should never be burnt simultaneously. As the coal burns, the gasses released engulf the wood restricting oxygen and intern stopping an efficient burning of the wood. The danger of this is the much higher production of CO gasses through incomplete combustion. 

Maintenance of Fires and Appliances

  1. All appliances and fires should be kept clean to prevent chimney fires, to aid in a visual inspection and to make using and controlling the fire or appliance more enjoyable and productive.
  2. The doors , glass and sealing ropes should be inspected for wear cracks or ill fitting.
  3. The fire bricks inside the fire place or fire box should be inspected regularly. Cracks or missing pieces can cause the appliance to super heat in this area, while the surrounding areas stay cooler. This can result in the appliance body, which is usually cast iron, to crack or split. This is a costly fault. The fire bricks can be purchased as a set to suit the particular appliance.
  4. A good visual inspection of the outside of the appliance, the flue, the chimney stack inside and outside of the property, the chimney pot and the cowl will spot problems that can be dealt with quickly by your Guild Chimney Sweep. This will promote a more efficient and safer system.
  5. The most important maintenance job should be carried out every month, without fail. This is to remove, clean and clear up any soot found on top of the baffle plate. Any ledges inside the fire place or appliance should also be kept clear and clean. The baffle plate gets extremely hot and any soot or creosote in contact could catch fire.
  6. Any issues with alarms (CO or Smoke), fuel to use on the fire or appliance, inspections, including a CCTV inspection, maintenance , re-lining or a general question about the fire, appliance or chimney system, can be dealt with by your local Guild Sweep.

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